Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Teratologist-Edward Lee, Wrath James White

Billionaire John Farrington is obsessed with the idea of offending God to the point that God would want to confront him in person. Farrington has abducted priests and nuns to commit sexual atrocities with the most grievously genetically deformed people he can find. People that he's also abducted and kept in such a high state of sexual intensity, with a drug his company produces, that they are just ravenous for physical contact. The abductees, with basically no self control, commit some of the most depraved sex acts, over, and over again. Westmore and Bryant, a photographer and journalist, are given the rare opportunity to interview the reclusive Farrington and see inside his mansion and operation. Only to find the horrors within, and who have become pawns in the mysteries they find behind every door. Farmington's plan may work, and to make sure he's successful, he will do whatever it takes to have the deity of man face him.

As a long time horror fan I have pretty much read it all, and as a long time Edward Lee fan nothing really shocks me anymore. I started sneaking my mother's horror paperbacks to school when I was 11 years old, which means I have now read over 30 years worth of horror novels (gasp!)In all those years, and all those novels, this is the only book that ever made me gag. And I do mean, I literally gagged, and thought for a moment I was actually going to toss my cookies. If that was the reaction Lee was going for, well kudos to you Mr. Lee.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bad Wolf by Tim McGregor

Detective Lara Mendes’s hard work pays off when she finally gets to join the homicide detail. There’s only one catch; she has to partner up with a cop no one wants to work with.

John Gallagher is a veteran homicide detective who wants nothing more than to work alone. When the Lieutenant partners him with Lara Mendes, his first reaction is to ditch her but a call comes in about a body on the river bank and the rotation says they’re up.

What they find are human remains, mutilated and partially devoured. Their investigation reveals a killer stalking the city with a pack of vicious, feral dogs.
And the suspect believes he is a werewolf.

But this is Portland, where crazy bastards outnumber normal ones ten to one. Except there’s another catch. The crazy werewolf guy? He isn’t crazy...

Author's note: Bad Wolf is my first novel and remains a favourite. This free full-length novel is the first in the Bad Wolf series about two homicide detectives trying to stop a monster. A murder mystery and police procedural, it's premise is simple; cops versus werewolves. I had an absolute blast writing this series. Now that's it's done, I miss these characters. The books, in order, are:

1 Bad Wolf
2 Pale Wolf
3 Last Wolf

This free book is the gateway to a world of monsters, gritty detectives and the werewolves that haunt the moonlit night.

 I found Bad wolf to be a well written story, with likeable and well developed characters. I would describe it as a police procedural with a twist. The twist being a bit of supernatural horror in the form of a werewolf that should appeal to fans of both crime thrillers and horror stories alike.