Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Fright Factory-William R. Potter

THE FRIGHT FACTORY -A cozy cabin on a lake. A few glasses of wine. Erotic conversation. What could go wrong?

Wesley and Robin Tate became empty-nesters in their early forties when their daughter left home for college.

Jesse Lawless is an indie film maker intent on producing the next great horror classic despite lacking the funds for actors, effects, or a script. He will stop at nothing to capture and upload his chilling masterpiece to satisfy his rabid internet fan base.

With a secluded resort cottage as the setting and the Tates as his cast, Lawless sets in motion a plan to produce the most realistic slasher flick ever.

The Fright Factory is Jesse's version of reality show and movie premise rolled into one. For the Tates, no acting ability is necessary as the terror becomes all too real. In each round, Jesse turns up the brutality in a game where killing your best friend may be the only way to survive.

I was given a complimentary copy for review.

It was a quick read that heads straight for the shock value, reminiscent of an Edward Lee novel or perhaps a Rob Zombie film where people are thrown together to be raped tortured and murdered.

I had issues with a few of the details where I would have to flip back a page to see if I had missed something. For example where one victim jumps from a boat and begins swimming to shore, even though as far as I could ascertain the boat had not yet left the shore.

The main character Wes is not particularly likable and I was not able to muster up much concern for whether or not he would live to the end of the story. The other characters and the relationships between them were not as well developed as I would have liked.

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