Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tales of the Strange and Grim - Andrew Hall

"What if you could freeze time itself with a click of your fingers? Or held a bright bottle of juice in your hand that promised eternal youth? These are tales of the strange and grim, where cakes come to life and monsters lurk in the inky dark. Find out how a mild-mannered writer deals with a murderous alien, and what England would look like with a thoroughly modern tyrant on the throne. Delve into weird worlds where reality gets skewed at every turn – if not skewered completely. You'll never look at a blender the same way again"

Tales of the Strange and Grim certainly lives up to it's name. These short stories are most definitely strange, and definitely grim, although my favorite of the bunch "Peace of Cake" had a happier ending than most. As with most books of short stories some stand out and others are less impressive. In addition to Peace of Cake, I very much enjoyed "Tabitha" "The Feathered Man" and "Time Apart" You can't go wrong for the price, and I will be on the look out for more from this author.

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