Thursday, April 24, 2014

Survivor: A Journey Through My Never Ending Nightmare by Angela Caito

Survivor: A Journey Through My Never Ending NightmareSurvivor: A Journey Through My Never Ending Nightmare by Angela Caito
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

First off, nothing in this book rings true. For example what 29 year old woman would be surprised that her 18 year old boyfriend's mother is less than thrilled to find out she is going to be a grandmother. As a mom I would not be overly excited to hear that my 18 year old son got this 29 year old pregnant. Also the author states she now knows to run the other way if ever a man tells her he enjoys having her at home and taking care of her. Yet she did not think it was time to run the other way when her 18 year old boyfriend began conversations with his imaginary friends through an imaginary walkie talkie and then beat her up? Oh yes, "breaker breaker one nine" precedes each beating. I think the author has confused the "invisible walkie talkie" as she calls it, with an invisible CB radio. Also the 18 year old has a great job, tons of money, owns his own house.. yes it all seems so real. She mentions that to this very day due to this severe abuse she is now agoraphobic and will not leave her house, yet at the back of the book in the "about the author" section it states that when she is not working she "enjoys traveling camping, bike riding and swimming" none of which are usual activities for someone terrified to leave their house. How exactly does one travel and go camping without leaving the house? Even if this story were presented as fiction it is still poorly written and just plain ridiculous. FYI "anyways" is not a word no matter how many times you repeat it in a "book." but I will not even get into all the other grammatical errors, because there are too many to mention. The 5 star reviews come from people who have joined a web site where they get money sent to their paypal in order to buy this book, so that when they write their fake reviews it will show up as an amazon verified purchase. Also the author herself is the person that these reviews must be submitted to before they are posted and she will "correct" them if she finds them unsatisfactory. People are then paid for the review at that time, never once having stated that they received the book for free or that they were paid, and thus making anyone who is browsing see the "amazon verified purchase" and mistakenly assuming that gives any credence over honesty. As for it being such a great book that people read it in one day? well that may be due to it only being about 60 pages long. It can be read on your lunch break with time to spare. Any woman who has been through an abusive relationship will find this so called book insulting.

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