Friday, September 25, 2015

The Beast Of Barcroft By Bill Schweigart

From the publisher "Ben McKelvie believes he’s moving up in the world when he and his fiancée buy a house in the cushy Washington, D.C., suburb of Barcroft. Instead, he’s moving down—way down—thanks to Madeleine Roux, the crazy neighbor whose vermin-infested property is a permanent eyesore and looming hazard to public health.

First, Ben’s fiancée leaves him; then, his dog dies, apparently killed by a predator drawn into Barcroft by Madeleine’s noxious menagerie. But the worst is yet to come for Ben, for he’s not dealing with any ordinary wild animal. This killer is something much, much worse. Something that couldn’t possibly exist—in this world.

Now, as a devilish creature stalks the locals, Ben resolves to take action. With some grudging assistance from a curator at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and the crackpot theories of a self-styled cryptozoologist, he discovers the sinister truth behind the attacks, but knowing the Beast of Barcroft and stopping it are two different animals"

When I first read the description I thought this just may be a little too crazy... even for me. I mean a zoologist? a cryptozoologist? not my usual cup of tea but the comparison to Bentley Little made it a must read for me and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read this book. Plus I can totally relate to having horrible neighbors that attract all manner of filth and vermin so I felt bad for Ben straight off before I even realized that my neighbor infesting us with fleas was nothing compared to what's hanging around Ben's neighborhood. I am so looking forward to the sequel "Northwoods" that will be coming out next year.

I received an advance copy for review

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