Saturday, December 12, 2015

Little Secrets by Megan Hart

"With a baby on the way and a brand new house, it seems Ginny and her husband, Sean, are on their way to a fresh start. But strange occurrences and financial strain seem determined to keep Ginny and Sean stuck in the past. Ginny begins to believe the house may be haunted...or that her husband might be trying to trick her into thinking so. As Ginny researches the house's former owner and the tragedy that happened there, it becomes clearer than ever that something is in the house with them. The question is, who...or it?"
Expected publication: February 2nd 2016 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd

I went into this expecting it to be just another haunted house story, which was actually ok with me since I do love a good haunting. However it was much more than I expected. Ginny and Sean are making a new start, after having gone through some rocky times in their marriage when Ginny lost their first baby. Pregnant again, and hormones all over the place Ginny often feels like she is not alone in the house. There are scratching noises in the walls that a visit from the exterminator doesn't get rid of. There are strange hot and cold areas even though they have a brand new heating system. The power goes out frequently and food either disappears or gets rearranged in the fridge, unless maybe it is her husband Sean trying to drive her crazy. Sometimes in the dark Ginny is almost sure she sees someone, or something. As Ginny becomes more frustrated with Sean's lack of help in setting up their things even though he is constantly nagging at her not to do it by herself, she comes across some strange items left in the house by the previous inhabitants and wonders if her house is haunted. But it is so much more than that.
This was a very suspenseful and spooky read and I often found myself more spooked about the goings on than Ginny seemed to be. I would give it 5 out of 5 stars.

I received an advance copy for review

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