Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dark Moon Digest Issue #22 by Lori Michelle and Max Booth III

Dark Moon Digest #22 includes the fiction: “Late Fee” by Patrick Lacey, “Horror Junkie” by Michael Schutz-Ryan, “Room 207” by Cooper O’Connor, “Drummer Boy” by Kenneth O’Brien, “The Seventh Date” by Mason Gallaway, “That’s the Price You Pay” by Matt Hayward, “Ion Dissonance” by Benoît Lelièvre, and “Girl Six” by John C. Foster. Also included are Jay Wilburn’s “Bits of the Dead” column, book reviews, and an excerpt from Vincenzo Bilof’s upcoming novel The Violators

Here lies some first rate, freaky, creepy, fiction. Which begs the question, if this is issue #22 where can I get my hands on the first 21? Because I want them all and so will you.
If you like short horror stories you will love these.
In "Late Fee" A spurned lover gets more than he bargained for when he wanders into an old timey 80's style video store.
"Horror Junkie" is a tale of best friends and roommates who share an affinity for horror movies until one of them gets a bit too extreme.
"Room 207"  is probably best left alone but a man on his way to surprise his wife makes a quick stop-over at a motel and lets his curiosity get the best of him. 
In "Drummer Boy" a happily married couple who have been trying to conceive find an antique toy that may bring them luck. Of course not necessarily good luck....
"The Seventh Date" is a tale of a love spell gone wrong.
"That's The Price You Pay" is a story of a shop owner and the strange curios for sale in his antique shop, though there is no charge to see the main attraction in his store.
"Ion Dissonance"  is a story of a young man who can't quite tell where dreams end and reality begins.
In "Girl Six' an interrogation takes a very strange turn. 
All in all these stories were quite unnerving!

I received a complimentary copy for review.

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