Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Forgotten Boxes by Becki Willis

WINNER of 2016 Best Suspense Fiction by the Association of Texas Authors.
Named sole heir to her aunt's estate, Charity Gannon arrives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, hoping to find a link to her past. She's not looking for lost treasures; she is searching for a connection to the aunt she barely knew.
What she finds is a thirty-something-year-old mystery and questions with no answers. A sad, secluded cottage, all but hidden amid the vines. A man's suit of clothes, tainted with dried blood and a bullet hole. Four forgotten boxes, stuffed into a large bag and buried in the far corners of the shed.
These are not just any boxes. These are unopened, undelivered boxes, left behind by the now-defunct Kingdom Parcel. All four boxes are marked March 14, 1984... the very day her uncle, president and driver for the delivery service, was said to have committed suicide. Four forgotten boxes, whose owners might still be out there, waiting for a delivery that never arrived.
The undelivered boxes haunt Charity, tugging at her conscience. Hadn’t someone noticed them missing? Hadn’t anyone wondered about the failed delivery? Thinking it might be fun to surprise the recipients after all these years, Charity sets out to deliver the packages to their rightful owners.
Along the way, one of the love stories she discovers is her own. Fate throws her into the sturdy arms of Tarn Danbury, a burly sugarmaker with eyes as beautiful as the mountain pond from which he was named, and a voice as smooth and rich as the dark syrup he produces.
The story behind one box is delightful. Another is heartbreaking.
And one might very well be the death of her.

Charity Gannon is not exactly an unhappy woman, though she feels her life is in a rut. When she arrives at her Aunt Nell's cottage to clear it out after her death she intends to get it over with and head back home. She thinks maybe she will use it as a rental property but finds it too unsettling to consider staying there herself. After finding a man's suit with bullet holes hanging in the closet and an intriguing talk with her aunt's neighbor Charity finds herself in the middle of a mystery that began before she was even born. Filled with suspense and a bit of romance this fast paced story kept me glued to the pages. 4 out of 5 stars from me.

I received a complimentary copy for review.

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