Thursday, December 29, 2016

Never Out of Sight by Louise Stone


A daughter’s secret. A mother’s betrayal.

Every mother knows never to let their child out of their sight. But Freya has been distracted recently, and now her teenage daughter, Zoe, is missing.
Freya knows that the only way to bring Zoe back is to tell the truth, but when your whole life is built on secrets and lies, the truth could destroy everything.
Surely there’s no harm in telling just one more little white lie?

Freya and her husband Stephen have drifted apart. He has never understood or forgiven her for suffering with post natal depression 16 years ago when their daughter Zoe was born and has held a grudge against her ever since. When Zoe goes missing, both parents are so wrapped up in themselves that neither of them even notice she is gone until the next day.
This book started off with a bang but as it progressed the arguments and excuses between Stephen and Freya became rather repetitive, as did the conversations between Freya and her student Robert. The more Freya uncovered about her missing daughter the less I liked any of the characters. I felt that it pushed too hard towards casting suspicion in a certain direction, which made it too easy for me to ascertain where the suspicion should lie.

I received an advance copy for review.

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