Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Blanky by Kealan Patrick Burke

In the wake of his infant daughter's tragic death, Steve Brannigan is struggling to keep himself together. Estranged from his wife, who refuses to be inside the house where the unthinkable happened, and unable to work, he seeks solace in an endless parade of old sitcoms and a bottle of bourbon.

Until one night he hears a sound from his daughter's old room, a room now stripped bare of anything that identified it as hers...except for her security blanket, affectionately known as Blanky.

Blanky, old and frayed, with its antiquated patchwork of badly sewn rabbits with black button eyes, who appear to be staring at the viewer...

Blanky, purchased from a strange old man at an antique stall selling "BABY CLOSE" at a discount.

The presence of Blanky in his dead daughter's room heralds nothing short of an unspeakable nightmare that threatens to take away what little light remains in Steve's shattered world.

Because his daughter loved Blanky so much, he buried her with it.

A new novella from the Bram Stoker Award-Winning author of SOUR CANDY and KIN.

Another brilliant tale from the dark and twisted imagination of Kealan Patrick Burke.
It is told from the point of view of Steve Brannigan who has recently lost his only child.

"I loved her. One rainy night I put her to bed and when I woke up, she was dead. That was the beginning of the end of my world. This is the rest of it."

Mired in grief, and without the comfort of his wife, Steve spends his time with the TV,  a bottle, and his agonizing loneliness. When he discovers his daughter's "Blanky" in what should be her empty room it seems at first to bring about a way to reconnect with his wife. Until at last Steve remembers where Blanky has been, and that his baby daughter's death was not from natural causes.

5 out of 5 stars from me. This is a must read!

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