Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Clown Moon by Alex Jameson

Author Alex Jameson is going to make you scream.

Former Marine sniper Sam Asher enjoys his casual civilian life. He’s content with his mundane job, steady girlfriend, and halfway decent apartment, until tragedy strikes too close to home, in a manner that appears to be related to a nationwide epidemic of creepy clown sightings.

Bent on vengeance, Sam hits the road to track down a deranged killer. Accompanied by his brother Jake, and pursued by an overly ambitious Homeland Security Agent, Sam will need to use every resource, every skill, and every friend he’s ever had to find the madman.

As the “clown crisis” ramps up, receiving constant coverage from the media and keeping regular folks hiding in their homes, a rash of murders takes Sam halfway across the country on his quest for justice. The battle-tested Marine will be sucked into a vortex of madness at the hands of a psychopath, engaging in a battle of will and wits that will test his heart, mind and loyalty.

So honestly this is not usually the type of book that attracts my attention. I'm not a fan of detective stories, or government agents and snipers etc. But I had some extra time and the cover really caught my eye. Homeland Security is not the star of this show at all. Neither are detectives, and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself totally immersed in this story.
Some people fear clowns, maybe even more so after several creepy clown sightings across the nation. One man in particular has reason to both fear and hate clowns. Something horrible happened when he was a child, but he's not a kid anymore. Now he's a serial killer, and he's hyper focused on clowns.

Meanwhile a group of kids think it would be fun to join in the craze of dressing as creepy clowns to scare people. Little do they know they have attracted the attention of a psychopath. When one of them is killed Sam is willing to risk everything to catch the murderer in this action packed thriller.

4 out of 5 stars from me.
I received a complimentary copy for review.

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