Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Killer Choice by Tom Hunt

The electrifying debut thriller that asks the question: To save the one you love, is there any price you wouldn’t pay?

His wife is sick.
He needs $200,000 to save her.
A mysterious man offers to give him the money with just one catch: He has to murder someone to get it.

Gary Foster’s life is finally heading in the right direction. After years of trying, his wife, Beth, is pregnant, and he recently opened a business with his brother. But one phone call changes everything....

After collapsing suddenly, Beth has been rushed to the hospital. Tests reveal a devastating diagnosis: an inoperable brain tumor. Their only hope is an expensive experimental treatment available abroad, with a cost that’s out of their reach. And Beth’s time is running out....

Then a strange man approaches Gary and offers the money he needs, on one condition: that he kill someone, no questions asked. End one life to save another.

In this nail-biting debut novel of domestic suspense, one man makes a choice that forces him to confront the darkest reaches of his soul and betray those closest to him. As he’s swept up in a nightmare of escalating violence, he must question his own morality—and determine just how far he’s willing to go to save the woman he loves.

Gary and Beth are happily married and happily pregnant after having tried so long for a baby that they had nearly given up hope. All seems to be going well until suddenly and unexpectedly Beth collapses. After a trip to the emergency room they are given devastating news. Beth has an inoperable tumor and may have less than a year to live. Her only hope of survival is a costly experimental treatment that they can not afford.

Meanwhile a shady character named Otto has caught the eye of a crooked cop and wants to be rid of him permanently. He hatches a plan to have the cop murdered by someone who has no connection to him so that he will never be a suspect. When Otto sees an article about Gary and Beth's dire situation he decides to take advantage of their desperate need for money.

This was a fast paced, suspenseful, action packed thriller with a lot of heart. There were a couple of things that irked me, having to do with police procedure and cash that I won't go into so as not to spoil the story but overall I enjoyed it.
3.75 out of 5 stars rounded up to 4

I received an advance copy for review.

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