Friday, October 30, 2015

A New Game (The Next Move, You're Dead Trilogy Book 2) By Linda L Barton

"Detective Lucinda Mackey has never been one to give up on a case until she brings the guilty to face judgment for their crime. She has always lived by a certain code, but she never anticipated a mysterious caller would choose her to play in a game of life and death.

Will she survive this challenge from an unknown opponent bent on her destruction, or will she meet the same fate as the others before her who played in The Game? "

This is part 2 in the Next Move You're Dead Trilogy. Even though it's been about a year since I read book one I had no trouble at all getting right into the story and the author does refresh your memory for you nicely in case you may have forgotten anything crucial from part one. I think this book would appeal not only to those who enjoy a good thriller, but to classic horror fans (like myself) as well due to the spine tingling suspense that grabs you from the first page. If you like a good scary story with lots of action but without all the gore, this is meant for you.

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