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I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.
Just letting you know that it's that time of year again, hubby's vacation starts this weekend. I will be away from the computer for 2 weeks. I will still be reading but will not be able to upload reviews. We will be at the lake house from July 28-through August 11. I will still have access to email if anyone needs me for anything.

Hello writers, readers and book lovers.
I do still welcome hearing from other readers and I do still accept books from indie authors. The reason I took my email link down is not because I don't enjoy hearing from you, it was due to spammers and bots. If you have a book that you would like reviewed you can friend me on Goodreads and send me a private message there.  I can not guarantee that I will review every book that I receive. The only promise I make is that I never share book files. You can also friend request me just to discuss books, or as always you are free to comment on the review posts here.

The nicest thing happened to me :) Last week was my birthday, and it falls on a time that is a really hard week for me in general. To cheer myself up a bit I used my birthday money that my MIL and sister gave me towards a perfume and body lotion that I ordered from Chanel Cosmetics.. but it didn't come... and then I got an email that said they had received my return and were processing my refund. Except I didn't return it because I never got it, and I didn't want a refund I wanted my order. So I called them. It turns out whoever packed my order placed the wrong label on the box. She put the label that was addressed to me inside the box, and the return label ON the box, so basically she took my package from Chanel and shipped it to Chanel! Customer service apologized for the delay and inconvenience.. wished me happy birthday, refunded me in full, and reshipped my order to me at no charge at all plus free overnight shipping. How's that for customer service? Just happy birthday and here take your order for free! This was such a pleasant surprise during an otherwise rough week. Now I still have my birthday money to spend on books!

I just realized how long it's been since I posted here. Happy belated New Year and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I still need to lose my holiday pounds. They get harder to take off every year. Remind me not to say so on any social media though. Last time I did I was bombarded with messages from people wanting to sell me diet drinks and potions.

Hello writers, readers and book lovers.
I have lately been making more of an effort to find time to read not only new or soon to be published books, but the books that I have purchased and left ignored for too long in my kindle. So although you will still see reviews of brand new or future releases I hope to find time to review some good books that may have gone unnoticed or under appreciated.

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