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I thought I would show you my new little reading buddy Miss Trixie, who has been named after Beatrix Potter. She was under weight and sickly when we got her but is growing like a weed now.

Hello writers, readers and book lovers.
I do still welcome hearing from other readers and I do still accept books from indie authors. The reason I took my email link down is not because I don't enjoy hearing from you, it was due to spammers and bots. If you have a book that you would like reviewed you can friend me on
Goodreads and send me a private message there, or contact me on Facebook. I can not guarantee that I will review every book that I receive. The only promise I make is that I never share book files. You can also friend request me just to discuss books, or as always you are free to comment on the review posts here. Please note that I do not write fake reviews for books or products of any kind. I do not know why I am suddenly getting so many requests to write fake 5 star product reviews but I am not interested.

It has come to my attention that Google+ will be closing down sometime within the next 10 months. For this reason I will be removing the ability to subscribe to the blog through Google+. As far as I know you will still be able to use the Blogger connect option. You can also subscribe by email. I hate to lose touch with my Google+ subscribers so please do take advantage of one of the other options. I have recently started a Facebook page and would love for you to stop by. If you have a book you would like reviewed you can contact me there. I am also posting my review links, links to free kindle books, and promoting the books that I love on that page. Come by and talk books with me, or post about your new release. All readers, writers and book lovers are welcome.


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