Thursday, February 18, 2016

Old Flames by Jack Ketchum

When her lover betrays her and dumps her coldly, Dora’s mind begins to crack. She tracks down her old high school love to recapture what she might have had. He’s married with a family, but Dora isn’t about to let that stop her…

This novel contains graphic content and is recommended for regular readers of horror novels.

This book contains 2  novellas.
In the first "Old Flames" a psycho woman hires a detective to track down her old boyfriend and then proceeds to insinuate herself into his and his families lives.

In the second, "Right To Life"

A woman is abducted on her way into a clinic where she intends to terminate an unplanned pregnancy.
This was definitely the more graphic and horrific of the 2 stories, full of depravity and torture as Jack Ketchum fans have probably come to expect.

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