Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Secret Faces by Kealan Patrick Burke

“If you are hiding from yourself, don’t expect anyone else to see you.”

Everyone has a secret. Everyone is someone else when the world isn't looking. Sometimes that person is good, sometimes that person is not. In Bram Stoker Award-winning author Kealan Patrick Burke's latest terrifying collection of short stories, you'll meet thirteen people who discover the horror of what happens when those secret faces are removed and the true darkness that dwells within us all is unleashed.

It is no secret than Kealan Patrick Burke is on my very short list of "must read" authors. In fact that list gets shorter all the time. I literally purchase every book I see his name on, often before even reading the description. The reason for that is simple. I have enjoyed everything he has ever written. Secret faces included.

All 13 stories were good, some were exceptionally good. The ones that had the most impact for me were the following.
The first story "Home" about a man who rushes home during a storm for his daughter's 16th birthday only to find something obviously amiss with the celebration, had me almost scared to turn the page.
In "Stalled" a man's urgent need to find a bathroom has dire consequences.
"The Red Light Is Blinking" is the story of revenge against internet trolls. For best enjoyment crack open a bag of Doritos while you read.
In the story "I'm Not There" a man loses his reflection...and discovers how to get it back.
In "Memory Lane" a quick trip to the store for milk goes sour.
"Terminal" is every nightmare you've ever had about an airport.
A father regrets not listening when he had the chance, in "Quiet"
"The One Night Of The Year" is of course a tale of Halloween, and "Hoarder" is an excellent story of a salesman who attempts to sell cleaning products to a hoarder.
I would highly recommend this anthology for anyone who enjoys short horror stories.

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