Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Peaceable Kingdom by Jack Ketchum


This landmark collection gathers more than thirty of Jack Ketchum's most thrilling stories. "Gone" and "The Box" were honored with the prestigious Bram Stoker Award. Whether you are already familiar with Ketchum's unique brand of suspense or are experiencing it for the first time, here is a book no aficionado of fear can do without.
This novel contains graphic content and is recommended for regular readers of horror novels 

32 short stories that won't let you down.  My favorites were Megan's Law, about a man who is informed that a sexual predator has moved into his neighborhood, The Rifle, in which a mother finds her own way to deal with her very troubled child, and The Great San Diego Sleazy Bimbo Massacre, a dark but humorous story of a woman who enlists the help of a friend in her plan to do away with her husband. Peaceable Kingdom will haunt me for a while.