Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Devil You Know by Adrian Lilly

The Devil You Know is most definitely a story about Julie. You will not be allowed to forget this. The author goes to great pains to make sure you remember her name. In fact her name appears a full 1,746 times in the book. Julie raised, Julie saw, Julie pushed, Julie heaved, Julie felt, Julie refused, Julie Julie Julie! No I did not count them. By the time I was 10% through the book I was put off by the number of sentences that begin with the word Julie, and typed it into the kindle's "search this document" feature. While I did enjoy the story itself it was a bit distracting that so many sentences began with Julie. I felt that it dragged on longer than it needed to It also may be better suited to the young adult section. I received a free copy for review.


  1. The redundant use of a name is such an easy flaw to fix! I wonder how it got passed the editor?

  2. Hi Jeff, I believe it may have been self published and that the author was his own editor. With a bit of cleaning up and a simple proof read it may have been a much more enjoyable read.


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