Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Left To Darkness by Craig Saunders

"A meteor strikes the Earth. Dirt and dust fill the air. Only a few people remain under the setting skies, and those who still live find it's not God's England anymore.

It's the Devil's turn.

Lines are drawn between the dark and light. For the darkness, James Finley and his cult for the end of days. On the side of light, Paul Deacon, the lost policeman, and Dawn Graves, the last mother.

To survive, they must put their lives in one man's hands: Frank Liebowicz, a killer with a soft spot for lost causes. Because come Armageddon, God won't choose his champions.
They'll choose themselves"

This was a fast paced graphic and gory end of the world tale complete with blood, guts, and cannibalism. The main characters are not your typical hero types but that just served to make the story even better. I was a little surprised by what seemed to be a very abrupt ending, until I realized this book is the first in a series.

I received a free copy for review.

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