Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Coin For Charon by Dallas Mullican

"Gabriel isn’t murdering anyone―he’s saving them.

The media has dubbed him the Seraphim Killer. He believes the gods have charged him to release the chosen, those for whom life has become an unbearable torment. Gabriel feels their suffering—his hands burn, his skull thunders, his stomach clenches. Once they are free, he places coins on their eyes to pay Charon for passage into paradise.

Detective Marlowe Gentry has spent the past two years on the edge. The last serial killer he hunted murdered his wife before his eyes and left his young daughter a mute shell. Whenever she looks at him, her dead eyes push him farther into a downward spiral of pain and regret. He sees the Seraphim as an opportunity for revenge, a chance to forgive himself―or die trying.

Gabriel performs the gods’ work with increasing confidence, freeing the chosen from their misery. One day, the gods withdraw the blessing―a victim he was certain yearned for release still holds the spark of life. Stunned, he retreats into the night, questioning why the gods have abandoned a loyal servant. Without his calling, Gabriel is insignificant to the world around him.

He will do anything to keep that from happening."

I had some mixed feelings when starting this book and was not really sure what to expect. The cover looks like a horror, the description sounds like a police story and in all honesty I tend to shy away from detective stories and the like. However there is just so much going on in these pages that before I realized it I was so totally immersed in these characters that I could not put it down. There is more to this story than a cop searching for a killer. This is also the story of the killer himself Gabriel who believes he is helping people, Of Max living day to day in fear and pain and of wanting your life to have meant something when you reach the end. Then there is Becca who counsels others on how to get their lives in order though she seems to have given up on fixing her own. The author is able to weave all these stories into one. There is just so much going on here and yet it all fits together. A very enjoyable read.

I received a complimentary copy for review.

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