Friday, March 18, 2016

Apartment 16 by Adam Nevill


In Barrington House, an upmarket block in London, there is an empty apartment. No one goes in and no one comes out, and it's been that way for 50 years, until the night a watchman hears a disturbance after midnight and is drawn to investigate. What he experiences is enough to change his life forever. Soon after, a young American woman, Apryl, arrives at Barrington House. She's been left an apartment by her mysterious Great Aunt Lillian who died in strange circumstances. Rumors claim Lillian was mad, but her diary suggests she was implicated in a horrific and inexplicable event decades ago. Determined to learn something of this eccentric woman, Apryl begins to unravel the hidden story of Barrington House. She discovers that a transforming, evil force still inhabits the building, and that the doorway to Apartment 16 is a gateway to something altogether more terrifying.
This was a good old fashioned horror and I loved it.
It was very atmospheric and descriptive, almost poetic. On the one hand we have Apryl who has arrived alone at Barrington House to clear out her Late Aunt's apartment which has been left to her in the will. People suggest that her aunt was perhaps a little batty but all is not as it seems.
Also at Barrington we have Seth who is experiencing some odd and ghostly occurrences of his own.
This was a very well crafted tale and I would rate it 4 out of 5 sinister stars.

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