Sunday, October 30, 2016

What the Dark Brings: A Collection of Horrors by Edward Lorn

Follow Edward Lorn out of the light and into the darkest recesses of his mind.

What the Dark Brings is a collection of 19 short stories, beginning with "Literary Sweets", a tender jaunt into Christmastime that proves all is not lost for one jaded gentleman. But by the time you reach the final tale, "Come to Jesus Meeting", the darkness is all encompassing.

Tales of hope, heartache, and horror abound.

Come find What the Dark Brings

***As an added bonus to new fans, Edward Lorn has included his mini-anthology, Three After, complete and uncut, at the end of this collection. A total of 22 tales of terror coming it at over 40,000 words.***

I was pleased but not surprised at how much I enjoyed this collection of stories (and the 3 bonus stories at the end!) This was a perfect October read.  I devoured each and every one. There was not a sour note in the bunch but I would have to say my absolute favorites were "The Monitor" where a kindness is repaid, "The Southbound Triple-Six" about a man who awakens on a train with no memory of how he got there or where he is headed. "Nothing is out There to Get you" where a blind date goes about as badly as you would expect "Up On The Rooftop" Which reminded me very much of a similar incident I saw on the news. "A Purchase Of Titanic Proportions" In which a man regrets his winning bid at an auction. "What The Dark Brings" about a rescue that doesn't quite go as planned. "That Thing About A Picture And A Thousand Words" A woman finds a picture has been slid under her door and as the saying goes the devil is in the details. "Smitten" I want to call it a love story... but I won't go there. In "An Affair To Remember" a man extracts revenge on his cheating wife.. sort of, and last but most definitely not least "World's Greatest Dad" in which a child goes missing while trick or treating with her dad.
5 out of 5 stars from me.

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