Monday, November 1, 2021

Peel Back and See by Mike Thorn

In spaces both familiar and strange, unknowable horrors lurk.

From the recesses of the Internet, where cosmic terror shows its face on an endless live feed, to a museum celebrating the sordid legacy of an occultist painter, this chilling collection of sixteen short stories will plunge you into the eerie, pessimistic imagination of Mike Thorn.

Peel Back and See urges its readers to look closer, to push past surface-level appearances and face the things that stir below.

I'm on a roll with short stories lately, and he's another collection with several I enjoyed.
If you like your fiction dark and disturbing this is for you.
My favorites were Mini McDonagh Manor that shows us you can't go home again, or maybe it's just safer if you stay away!
Mr. Murcata's Final Requests, is about the assistant of a dying man who does her best to fulfill his strange demands... until she makes an interesting discovery. @GorgoYama will make you think twice about those lovely friends you've connected with online. Wouldn't it be nice to meet them in person? Take this story as a warning before you do. In Dreams of Lake Drukka, a daughter is alienated from her father after her mother's death. She and her reluctant sister take a road trip and discover a dangerous truth.  In Exhumation, a man arrives at his cousin's funeral to find something otherworldly waiting to welcome him home. The Finger Collectors is a job title, it pays well as long as you don't ask questions. This was such a bizarre story it's hard to describe but I loved it.
The Furnace Room Mutant is something some high schoolers are just dying to see, but they should not have tricked their school mate into getting that key.
Virus is more than something that can mess up your computer and could be viewed as a cautionary tale before you click on any untrusted download links.
These were my favorites, yours may be different, you'll never know unless you peel back and see.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a digital copy from the author under no obligation to write a review.


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